Ethics Statement

Talk Android takes its responsibilities as a responsible and respected source of Android and Google news and reports, so the editorial team has made this Ethics Statement available to our readers.

Talk Android is owned by Canuck Digital Media Inc. and is not affiliated with any device manufacturer or representatives such as public relations firms. All opinions of Talk Android editors and authors are of their own, and no payments or gifts will ever be accepted to influence them.

Reporting the news

Talk Android will post news stories from a number of sources, and we will always try our best to credit the original creator of the source. Sometimes the source is an anonymous tipster, of which we will do everything possible to maintain that anonymity.

The authors will never post someone else’s work and claim it as their own.


From time to time, Talk Android editors and authors will attend press events to cover new product announcements. The majority of the time there is free food and beverages at these events. Sometimes the costs associated with the travel and lodging are covered by the manufacturers, but other times they are covered by Canuck Digital Media Inc. or the individuals themselves. Events and the companies and products of these events are covered in the same objective manner regardless of who is covering costs.


From time-to-time, we will post reviews of devices. Most of these devices are loaned from manufacturers, carriers, or public relations firms. Sometimes the devices are purchased by either Talk Android or the individual. In either case, our team will review the devices objectively with no preferential treatment to any outside party. We do not accept payments or gifts to put a positive spin in our reviews. It’s our job to tell you exactly what we think of the device, whether our readers agree with it or not.

At times, an outside party might not require that we send back a device. These reviews will be conducted in the same objective manner.

Sponsors and Advertisers

Talk Android is partly made possible by the generous support of sponsors and advertisers. These sponsors and advertisers are not affiliated with Canuck Digital Media Inc., its officers, writers, or staff. These sponsors also have no influence or say in the editorial department of Talk Android. The relationship between Canuck Digital Media Inc. and sponsors is managed and maintained by our advertising and business team, which do not participate in editorial coverage.